1. The Discomforting Triangulation of Boredom, Urgency, and Alienation.

    This title is a quote from Colby Keller in regards to the fountain version of Reach Out and Touch No One.  I made this video much later and though that description of masturbation fit quite well with this work.  

    I would like to pursue a longer video that animates more of the screenshots i’ve been collecting.  I have hundreds. This is the first animation i have ever made.   

  6. 9 bottles of hand lotion serve as spouts for shooting jets of water within individual chairs.  12 tissue boxes quiver and shudder orgasmically, while another 6 empty tissue boxes with fleshy slits sit motionless below.  

    I see fountains as a way for nudity and sexuality to be out in the open without much controversy.  The classical figurative fountain has become a cannon or container that allows sexuality and nudity to exist out in the open with minimal controversy.  Figurative public sculpture has a certain invisibility to it, even though it can be incredibly erotic if isolated or put into a different context.  

    I see the office chair as embodying similar characteristics.  When isolated I see the chair at face value, however when I see a home office chair, in close proximity to a bottle of hand lotion and a box of tissues, its other function is suddenly revealed.  I realized this upon engaging in a lot of amateur webcam sex, taking notice how nearly all of the performer/participants were seated on a home office chair.  

    Technology has blurred the lines between home and work, business and pleasure. I am interested in how sex is enabled with much less risk or even effort, and how it can start to become “work” through that same accessibility combined with addiction.  

  7. This was the first iteration or sketch of a larger idea.  I have many more plans for gooey goopy fluids beyond tapioca and hand lotion.  

    From http://thecuntoftheminotaur.tumblr.com/ :

    Here, an erupting tapioca fountain is an incredibly attractive stand-in for a cumshot. It’s placement on a custom-upholstered, dusty rose office chair implies a body in prolonged ejaculation. It’s reference to the decor of business elicits cubicle/boardroom/guy-in-accounting fantasies which become pornographic when returning to the gushing, slopping, thick tapioca.