1. 9 bottles of hand lotion serve as spouts for shooting jets of water within individual chairs.  12 tissue boxes quiver and shudder orgasmically, while another 6 empty tissue boxes with fleshy slits sit motionless below.  

    I see fountains as a way for nudity and sexuality to be out in the open without much controversy.  The classical figurative fountain has become a cannon or container that allows sexuality and nudity to exist out in the open with minimal controversy.  Figurative public sculpture has a certain invisibility to it, even though it can be incredibly erotic if isolated or put into a different context.  

    I see the office chair as embodying similar characteristics.  When isolated I see the chair at face value, however when I see a home office chair, in close proximity to a bottle of hand lotion and a box of tissues, its other function is suddenly revealed.  I realized this upon engaging in a lot of amateur webcam sex, taking notice how nearly all of the performer/participants were seated on a home office chair.  

    Technology has blurred the lines between home and work, business and pleasure. I am interested in how sex is enabled with much less risk or even effort, and how it can start to become “work” through that same accessibility combined with addiction.